The Privilege

No, but really, it's a privilege. In the privacy of your mind, anything goes. Do you want to believe that dreams foretell the future? Nobody can stop you. Your dream belief is your own; it is subjective. It is personal. It comes from—well, it doesn't matter where it comes from; it's there. Your mistake is the way you tell people about it. Just don't tell people, and they won't look at you that way.

What do you mean, it's no privilege if you have to keep it secret? You can tell people; you just have to prove it. Describe how you figured it out—how you saw the evidence with your own eyes, and how you fit it in with all the other stuff you know. How you proved it to yourself, in other words. You did not prove it to yourself? Well, that's your privilege.

Look, it's not hard. You use concepts. Concepts are mental integrations. You combine things into a word, and then you have the privilege of using that word any way you like. In fact, you can change the concept if you want. Sure, there are rules for making concepts, but you don't have to follow them. You can make subjective concepts. It's your privilege.

Well of course people misunderstand what you say. Your concepts are personal. You make them your way. How are others supposed to know what you mean? Besides, they have the privilege of being subjective too, so you can't expect to understand what they mean either. Sure, if everybody made concepts objectively, according to the rules, then everybody would know what everybody else means. But that would be throwing away the privilege.

Yes, of course, it is more serious when you don't know what you mean. But that's just exercising the privilege. Why should a word mean the same thing today as yesterday? Why shouldn't you group together anything you want at any time? Sure, it makes you confused. That's the human condition.

How can you be unsure? If you do your thinking according to personal subjective rules, then you are always certain that you exercised the privilege. You are certain that anything goes. You know you did it your way.

Conform to what reality? Realty is subjective, isn't it? Things are always changing, so anything will conform to reality sometime. How can you enjoy the privilege if you want thoughts to conform to reality like some objective straightjacket?

You're just too demanding. You want concepts to make reality clear, and logic to show how things fit together, and principles to show the best things to do, and certainty to keep you feeling good. You want objectivity. You think you're too good for the privilege.

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