The Moron Manual
by Ken Kant

as told to James Sedgwick


"As told to" can mean several things. In this case, it means that Ken Kant is challenged as a writer by a lack of corporeal existence. Spiritual existence he has in abundance: many millions share his convictions. They will insist on his right to be heard, even at second hand if necessary.

To those who do not share Ken Kant's conviction, let this be said: Study them well. They are having a drastic effect on your life.

Ken Kant bases his bag of intellectual gimmicks on those of Immanuel Kant. He is a spiritual descendant of that philosopher. But he has learned from others also. He must acknowledge his debt to Herbert Marcuse as well as to Karl Marx. He must, according to his principles, avoid crediting Soviet Communism, since it has failed. In fact, many of his sources must remain uncredited for the same reason.

Ken Kant's is the Spirit of Militant Mediocrity. Whenever you feel his sweaty palm pressing yours, check the security of your wallet. Whenever you feel his unctuous ideas pressing yours, check the security of your grasp on reality.


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