The Certainty Site

Certainty is confidence in the conclusions you reach by thinking. Epistemology studies the methods of acquiring and validating knowledge.

Happiness is the result of applying the proper methods to your life. When you improve your mental skill, you multiply your chances of success in life.

Welcome to The Certainty Site, by James Sedgwick.

Here, you can take a self-guided tour of the functioning of your mind that shows you the connection between epistemology and certainty.

Or browse among over fifty short essays exploring Ayn Rand's discoveries and applying them to different aspects of daily life.

Or, to dig deeper, open up one of these books:

Mental Action describes Ayn Rand's theory of concepts in a way that connects with what you see and know. It shows how to remove mystery from thought, and add joy.

Your Way considers influence and persuasion in the light of free will. It concludes that persuasion done right is neither risky nor tricky, but a useful use of reason.

Mental Skill tells how to apply Ayn Rand's epistemology to your life. Each chapter includes theory, and a section on practicing to increase the skills discussed.

Mental Mistakes discusses mental passivity and subjectivity, by showing how they affect the way markets are viewed. It shows how to make sense of trade, and of life.

Freedom in Mind asks a question: If slavery is so bad, why is slave labor so good? Discusses why the question is as unpopular as the answer. If freedom is in your heart, is it also in your mind?

The Moron Manual makes a point by poking fun at the moral inversion that considers dumb more sympathetic than smart. What if Immanuel Kant wrote a how-to book?