What is Thinking?
    Words are vital to differencing and combining

A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures
    Concepts keep order in the mind

Is Language Approximate?
    Mental precision begins with essentials

Magic Phrases
    Why they work in reverse

Communication in Context
    Getting it across without crossing it up

Manner and Meaning
    Not the same message

Sloppy Concepts
    What, if anything, to do about them


The Philosophy of the Light Switch
    Wherever you look, philosophy is there

Life at a Distance
    If life hurts, don't step back, step up

The Perils of Passivity
    Wrong thought beats no thought

Would Anyone Like to Grow Up?
    How to change wishing into doing

The Should Meter
    Objective should versus subjective should

Certainty and Argument
    The one word that always wins an argument

Are You Bored by You?
    Some who live at the beach don't go near the water

Right, Wrong, and Meaningless
    What says nothing about reality says nothing

Nothing from Something
    Sounds that are not cognitive are meaningless

The Stopped Clock
    It does not tell truth twice a day

Living By Lists
    Conceptualizing things beats listing them

The Formula That Isn't
    The recipe for thought is: develop skill

Trouble on the Border
    In thinking, essentials beat edges

Who Owns Knowledge?
    Knowledge is yours after you check it out

The End of Guessing
    Our decisive moment in history

    Ignorance of inner life is big trouble

The Crucial Link
    Getting from principles to action

Anorexia Mentalia
    The symptoms, then the cure


The View From the Center
    Getting in and out of the hot seat

The Me Filter
    Kicking the habit of premature evaluation

Old Habits Die Easy
    To kill bad habits, neglect them

Subjective Communication
    Without context, everything is a guess

The Privilege
    Subjectivity is your privilege, if you can survive it

The Essential Threat
    How to destroy your ability to think

Gambling with Reality
     You cannot substitute hope for certainty

The Distortion Game
    Don't let what you fear replace what you hear

Living Backwards
    The result of thinking backwards

    Put reality first? But what about me?

Forwards and backwards
    Seeds of subjectivity


Is Certainty a Virtue?
    Certainty as applied epistemology

Is Certainty Immoral?
    Guilt about certainty is guilt about living

Are Mistakes a Bug or a Feature?
    Doubt makes mistakes harder to correct

The Meaning of Life
    How to avoid the back roads of life

How to Be a Misfit
    By talking, you find out only how people talk

Stepping Into the Future
    When certainty is your norm, action is your desire

The Fun Backlash
    It is good to whistle while you work

The Mood Pill and the Suicide Pill
    What bad feelings do for you

The Mental Wall
    Being okay with being wrong

The Partnership of Science and Poetry
    Seeing two ways at once

Why All the Hysteria?
    Bypassing the bull

Moral Judgment
    Bad principles make bad morals

Catching Up
    Sharpening your value scale

Honoring Yourself
    Toward doing justice to your own life

Utopia First?
    You and the culture, and which fix is first

Slogans versus Reality
    Juggling slogans is not thinking

What's the Use?
    Analyzing the universal complaint.

Is Happiness a Secret?
    Finding the key


What is Art?
    Not whatever an artist does

Certainty and Art
    Helping you experience the reality of certainty

    What it really is


Helping an Honest Man
    By stealing for him

Unilateral Disarmament
    The essence of gun control

Prescribing Civil War
    Whose war on drugs is it?

It's Not What You See, It's What I Say
    Or is it?

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